Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine Review

Meiomi Pinot Noir is sourced from Monterey, Santa Barbara and Sonoma counties in California.

According to the bottle, the word Meiomi comes from the California Wappo tribe and means “coast”.  The vineyards where Meiomi Pinot Noir comes from are all coastal vineyards in California.

Joseph Wagner is the winemaker for Meiomi Pinot Noir.  He carefully crafts the wine to take advantage of the layers that come from the three different vineyards that make up the wine.

The alcohol content of Meiomi Pinot Noir is 13.9% by volume.

Meiomi Pinot Noir Review

Meiomi Pinot NoiriconThe wine pours dark in the glass with colors of deep plum.  Perhaps darker than the average Pinot Noir, light doesn’t shine through this wine.  Meiomi Pinot Noir is very leggy in the glass with many slow dripping tears that remain on the sides of the glass for some time.

Upon first sniff, I immediately noticed a good spicy whiff of alcohol in the nose.  You may want to allow the wine to get some air for several minutes in order to mute this effect.  This wine is aromatic with a very lofty nose.  From afar I picked up some hints of mocha.  Up close revealed leathery black raspberry scents.  All in all, very enjoyable.

Sipping the Meiomi Pinot Noir I noticed flavors of multiple bright berries.  This lighter and brighter flavor contrasted well with the heavy appearance and milky mouthfeel.  Additionally, an initial chaos of complexity was noticed in the first taste.  Things settled down a bit after the wine had a chance to breathe.

Bright tannins were noted.  The wine also finished somewhat bright.  The finish length was short to medium initially on the tongue.  A longer dark berry finish on the cheeks was also noticed.

Overall, I thought the Meiomi Pinot Noir was great!  A nice lush Pinot Noir at a good price.

I enjoyed the fact that there were multiple facets to the tasting experience.  One bright and the other deep and dark.  I think this is attributable to the winemaker’s goal to achieve the “best expressions” of the different coastal vineyards.

I would strongly suggest letting this wine decant for a good fifteen minutes or so to allow the alcohol to dissipate a bit.  The wine reviewed was a 2011 which may still have been a bit young at the time I tasted it.

I’m sure cellaring this wine for a couple years would add to the tasting experience.  Recommend!

Meiomi Pinot Noir price about $19.99.

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  1. Trish says

    I agree with the WOWs. I have a difficult time with red wine due to oak allergy and an aversion to tannins. Tasted this at a 4th of July party and fell in love. This is what sets winemakers apart; instilling a magical combination for a creation that can cross palate borders.

    The Houston Rodeo wine committee allows me to try a LOT of wines. Surprised I’ve never stumbled across this one. But I have already been “selling” it at the grocery store every time I go and see folks searching.

    • says

      Thanks for contributing, Trish! You’re definitely going to note more tannins in reds vs. whites. Glad to hear you’ve found what works for you. Cheers!

  2. Tom says

    Meiomi is not ageable. To repeat it will fall apart quickly and you will be left with a flabby sweet mess of garbage. Meiomi is a joke within the wine industry. It is the exact opposite of what one should expect in Pinot (low acid, noticeable sugar.). I agree with Rob above that it tastes more like Zinfandel or Syrah. In fact many inexpensive Pinots from California are blended with syrah to give them more body and sweet fruit.
    If you like it fine, just don’t call it Pinot Noir.

  3. Greg Booker says

    I have heard about this Pinot Noir for some time now but never ventured away from the half dozen Pinot’s that I knew were spectacular wines. Well, I have to say that this 2013 Meiomi just blew me away. Everything about this wine surpasses any Pinot that I have ever tasted, moving it to the #1 position on my all time favorite Pinots, even surpassing many Burgundies that I have in my cellar. I must say that I am truly hooked on this beauty, and only wish that I had tried it sooner. Does this wine come in ‘mags and what do you consider the optimum year that this wine will ‘peak out?’ I plan to purchase a case and was curious if it would age well?
    Greg Booker
    Atlanta, GA.

    • says

      Hi Greg… you stumped me! So, I’m contacting Joe Wagner, the winemaker, with your question. He’s @JoePinot on Twitter. I’m @winestomp. Join in if you’re on Twitter. We’ll see what he says…

  4. Rob says

    This is an example of what happens when something is made to be recklessly delicious while tossing enough of a given popular varietal in it to draw the Sideways-watchers.

    This is not pinot noir; it’s Nicki Minaj (i.e. a rel;atively empty performer with enough windowdressing to excite casual viewers). If you enjoy this flavor profile, you probably really want a Dry Creek zinfandel. If you actually wanted pinot noir, you’d bee (speaking to new world palates) all over Oregon and New Zealand.

    Or you can just spike your normal pinot noir with 1.5 ounces of chambord and get what you’re looking for.

  5. Mike says

    This is the finest wine I have ever drank….Love the fruit smell, and taste…It has a rich body to it that I like very much…Some wines look like color water…Sure they may taste some what good…But no body to them…A waiter at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC turned me on to this wine…And when I have dinner there this is the wine he brings me…

    • says

      Thanks for the comment and question Tom!

      To the best of my knowledge, Meomi Pinot Noir is all Pinot Noir and is not blended with another varietal. However, they do blend Pinot Noir grapes from different vineyards (Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Montery) to give the wine the richness you mentioned. Their website – – really does a great job of explaining how they source their grapes, their history, etc. Definitely worth checking out. Cheers!

  6. bobbie says

    Can I work for this winery LOL! I could sell it’s socks off!! I have a masters degree in psych, but would love to work for and sell wine for a winery I really respect! Love Meiomi!

  7. bobbie says

    This wine is to die for! I have had many pinot’s and nothing compares! Other wineries need to take lessons!

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