Beringer Moscato Review

A product of Chile, Beringer Moscato is a white wine that is best served chilled.  Since Moscato is typically a sweet wine it is often served with dessert.  Alcohol content of Beringer Moscato is 11.5% by volume.  Though it’s a product of Chile, Beringer Moscato is imported and bottled by Beringer in Napa.  The wine’s vintage was not indicated on the bottle.

From the bottle, “Since 1876, Beringer has crafted award winning wines in Napa Valley and this Moscato is no exception.  Crisp and refreshing…  this wine is well suited on its own or as the perfect compliment to a meal.”

For this review, we had two guys and one gal. However, we did find consistency in our experiences with this wine.

Beringer Moscato Review

Beringer MoscatoWe described the appearance of Beringer Moscato as being clear to white golden in color.  Another similar description was that is appeared slightly brassy in color.  We also noticed a slight stack of bubbles in the glass.  Though to be clear, Beringer Moscato is not bubbly like a sparkling wine or champagne.

The aroma was crisp and light on the nose.  Some acidic fruit was noticed and we compared that to pineapple.

The note of pineapple was confirmed in the Beringer Moscato’s taste.  Certainly not overwhelming, but definitely noticeable.

We all agreed the wine’s finish was short, not surprisingly.

Overall, we all felt Beringer Moscato from Chile was a good wine that provided an enjoyable experience.  One person, a guy, said he “loved it” and he normally doesn’t enjoy a sweeter wine.  Another, the gal, noted that the flavor was most noticeable on the initial sip and not as much as the wine finished.  The third, myself, agreed with the bottle description that this is a refreshingly sweet wine and also thought it would make a nice outdoor summer sipper.  Enjoy!

Beringer Moscato price about $6.00.

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  1. Sandra says

    I have tried several different brands of moscato and I lover Beringer brand the most! Thanks Beringer!!

  2. U says

    I like that it is sweet but not too licorous (such as a Sauternes ) it is not too overwhelming. I would add that I could taste dry apricot in the finish

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