A to Z Pinot Noir Review

A to Z Pinot NoirA to Z Pinot Noir comes from Newberg, Oregon, USA.

The company that produces this wine, A to Z Wineworks, prides themselves on sustainability which is evident given the bottle’s twist top.

They got their start in 2002 when four friends in the Oregon wine industry got together in one of their kitchens to build their first blend.

From there they went on to be recognized by Food & Wine Magazine and Wine Spectator and continue today, producing A to Z Pinot Noir.

A to Z Pinot Noir Tasting

For this review I tasted the 2012 vintage of this wine.

The bottle label had an interesting (and in fact trademarked) saying on it that read, “Aristocratic wines at Democratic prices.”  Nice!


In the glass, the wine’s color was a light garnet.  Like other Oregon Pinots I’ve reviewed, A to Z Pinot Noir was translucent enough to let a good amount of light shine through.

Legs were very slow to form.  Once they did, they were far spaced, thin and fell slowly down the sides of the glass.


On the nose, this wine is good and aromatic.  I noted cherry and a slight hint of honeydew melon.

I also noticed a significant whiff of alcohol in the aroma.

A to Z Pinot Noir alcohol content 13.5% by volume, per the bottle.


The wine’s taste was a nice balance of black and Bing cherry.

There was also the presence of a tea like flavor, perhaps like Pekoe Tea.  Interestingly enough, I learned afterwards that they spray Nettle Tea as a fertilizer in the vineyards.

Mouthfeel and Tannins

Probably the most predominant feature of this wine was its tannins.  They were quite grippy and immediately noticeable.  I felt them all over my tongue and to a lesser extent, the rest of my palate.


The wine’s finish was medium to long and definitely dominated by the aforementioned tannins.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I enjoyed this wine as I do most Oregon Pinots.  I think in this case, it would have been a good idea to let this one cellar a bit before drinking it.

I can tell the flavors are quite nice, but overall I found the wine to be a bit young and a little green.

So, consider purchasing this and then putting it away for a couple years or so.  That should let the tannins mellow a bit and give the flavors a better chance to shine.

A to Z Pinot Noir price $19.99.

Have you tried this wine or perhaps an earlier vintage?  If so, please leave a comment below.  I’d love to hear people’s opinions.  Cheers!

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