Angeline Pinot Noir

In this review of Angeline Pinot Noir we’ll reveal the price, alcohol content, taste and more of this California Pinot Noir.

Specifically tasted was the 2013 Angeline Pinot Noir.

I had the pleasure of tasting this wine with close friends who have great palates.  We started off with a formal tasting of the wine, then followed with a dinner pairing of Shepherd’s Pie.

Angeline Pinot Noir is sourced from vineyards in Santa Barbara, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in California.  According to the tasting notes, the 2013 growing season was perfect, with a dry mild spring and a warm summer with cool nights.

After harvest, the wine was fermented in stainless steel and aged in French Oak barrels.

Angeline Pinot Noir Review

Angeline Pinot NoirIn the glass, this wine is ruby in appearance with sharp colors and reflections.

It took a while for legs to form.  Once they did, there were many slow falling tears on the sides of the glass.

The wine’s aroma was multifaceted.  A good whiff of alcohol was noted.  We all suspected the wine was aged in oak from its nose.  But after that we struggled to notice any other significant aromas.  We finally settled on there being a hint of cherry in there.

We tried to guess the alcohol content, but we all estimated a bit high (13.8% to 14.3%).

Actual Angeline Pinot Noir alcohol content 13.5% by volume, per the bottle.

We described the wine’s taste as a combination of green and red fruits, with a hint of cherry coming through.

Consensus was that the wine’s mouthfeel was of linen.  We all enjoyed the soft tannins, noticed mostly on the inside of the cheeks.

Finish of Angeline Pinot Noir was long and not overpowered by the tannins.

Overall we liked this wine, however we concluded the 2013 is still a bit young, given the green fruits in the flavor.  It definitely had the characteristics of a classic Pinot Noir.

However, it might be a good idea to let this one age a year if you’re going to be drinking Angeline Pinot Noir on its own as a sipper.

Angeline Pinot Noir Paired With Shepherd’s Pie

After the tasting, dinner was served!  And, of course, the bottle followed us to the table.

The Shepherd’s Pie was excellent, with classic ingredients that included tomatoes and onions.

We all noticed that the good acidity from the tomatoes and onions really brought out the cherry flavors that were so subtly noticed in the formal tasting.

With that experience, we believe Shepherd’s Pie is a perfect recommended food pairing for this wine.  The bottle emptied quickly with dinner!

Angeline Pinot Noir price $10.99.

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