Blindfold White Wine Review

Blindfold White Wine

Blindfold White wine comes from The Prisoner Wine Company in Oakville, California, USA.

It’s billed as a Chardonnay blended with white Rhone and aromatic varietals.

The blended varietal list is quite lengthy.  Per the tasting notes, it includes Chardonnay, Roussanne, Viognier, Grenache Blanc, Marsanne and Chenin Blanc.

It seems the whites are following the reds in the wine industry’s desire to produce interesting blends!

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Blindfold White Wine Reviewed

From the tasting notes:

Winemaker Jennifer Beloz and her team work with a family of growers to source a diverse variety of grapes from premier vineyards throughout California.

The wine was aged for 10 months in a combination of oak and stainless steel.

I tasted the 2014 vintage of Blindfold White wine.

Sample received for review purposes.


Blindfold pours golden in color.  Similar to a very light beer.

It coats the glass nicely, with very slow falling legs similar to many thick red blends.

There’s also hundreds of tiny bubbles that affix themselves to the bottom of the glass.


When I first poured the wine, I noticed a subtle aroma from afar.  That quickly dissipated and I had to get up a lot closer to get a good whiff from then on.

On the nose, this wine is lightly sweet with hints of pear and apricot.

I also noticed just the slightest note of citrus as well.  Think grapefruit versus lemon.

There was little to no sting of alcohol in the nose.

Blindfold White wine alcohol content 14.2% by volume, per the bottle.

Overall the aroma is quite pleasant.


On the palate, the wine was quite tasty.

It was smooth and gave forth flavors of mandarin and grapefruit.

The taste starts out citrus-y but then develops into a blend of smooth toasty minerals.


The wine’s finish is long lasting and holds a bit of bitterness after the initial flavors subside.

I did notice that the bitterness was less noticeable after the wine had a chance to breathe.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I found the wine to be enjoyable and satisfying.

I think its strength is in how all the different varietals balanced out to provide an enjoyable tasting experience.

If you come upon this wine, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Suggested Food Pairing

This wine would go great with a Vietnamese Chicken Noodle bowl.  Be sure to include sprouts, cucumber, fresh cilantro and lemongrass.  Yum!

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