Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel

Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel comes from Clarksburg, California, USA.  Grapes for this wine come from vineyards in Amador and Lodi Counties.  The vines themselves are said to be from sixty to eighty years old.

According to the winemaker, “Dry farmed vines are prized for their production of small concentrated clusters of grapes that produce incredibly rich and intense wines.”

“Bold and vibrant notes of summer raspberry intoxicate the senses, enticing you to take a sip of this lively red zinfandel. Once on the palate, flavors of briary blackberries and ripe cranberries meld with tones of baking spices such as clove and nutmeg.”

“Nuances are added from the young American oak, concentrating and enhancing the juicy mouthfeel. The full-bodied tannin structure relaxes into a smooth and supple finish: long, lingering and full of enjoyment.”

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Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel Review

Bogle Old Vine ZinfandelThis wine received mixed reviews from the tasters.

This wine had slight legs and the aroma and flavor was non-descript.  Also somewhat dry.  It did improve a bit once it had a chance breathe.  It became more oaky, I thought.

As mentioned in previous posts, wine is personal.  Our third reviewer (the return of Big Al) liked the Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel a lot.  He also noted the thin legs, but, he felt the wine had a fruity bouquet that finished spicy to the nose.  When tasting the wine he took a very long pause to let it sit on his palate.  After doing so he found a subtle tingle with a touch of bitterness.

So, all in all, a mixed review on the 2009 Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel.  I think this wine would do well if it was decanted and given a chance to breathe for awhile.  Bogle is a good value and is a very popular wine.  Give it a try!

Price for Bogle Old Vine Zinfandel about $14.99.


  1. This wine is by far my favorite daily Zinfandel. I’ve had probably several hundred bottles of Zinfandel over the years several cases of this one. And while this is a young and bold one, it is also a high quality one. I highly recommend this wine paired with a hearty dish of red meat and potatoes. I don’t consider it a sipping wine although if you love Zinfandel enough you can have it that way as well.

  2. From your description the wine might due well with a nice steak…perhaps its not a “sipping” wine…

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