Cannonau Di Sardegna

This review of Cannonau Di Sardegna Riserva includes price, alcohol content, aroma, taste and more of this Italian Red Wine.

This tasting is specifically of the Sella and Mosca Cannonau Di Sardegna Riserva 2010.  According to the bottle, Sella and Mosca was founded in 1899 and they consider themselves “among the most progressive and magnificent wine estates in Europe.”

Cannonau Di Sardegna comes from the island of Sardinia in Italy.  The varietal is Cannonau, which is the region’s name for the Granache wine grape.  It’s speculated that Granache may have actually originated from Sardina.

Cannonau Di Sardegna Review

Cannonau Di SardegnaIn the glass, this wine is somewhat dark and shows colors of garnet and rust.  I noticed that the wine coated the inside of the glass with many bubbles.  To be clear, this is not an effervescent wine.

It is a very leggy wine, though.  The legs were many and varied in size.  They fell at various speeds down the sides of the glass.

The wine’s aroma was pronounced and complex.  It was very aromatic and noticeable from a good foot away from the glass after pouring.  There were earthy notes of black fruits, primarily.  I also noted hints of tar and spice.  There was definitely a good whiff of alcohol when sniffed.  Alcohol content of this Cannonau Di Sardegna was 14.0% by volume.

When I tasted this wine, I noted deep full bodied flavors of blackberry, black cherry and other dark fruits.  The wine’s taste definitely echoed the aroma and was very enjoyable.  When initially tasted (prior to letting it breathe) the wine seemed a little young and bright.  But, the taste quickly matured with a little air.

The wine had a cottony mouthfeel with nicely behaved tannins noted all over the mouth.

Finish of the Cannonau Di Sardegna was medium to long.

Overall, I found this to be a very enjoyable wine.  It could be appreciated on its own or paired with red meats.  Speaking of appreciation, I recieved this wine as a gift from a friend I recently reconnected with and I’m appreciative of her good taste in wine!

What resonated with me the most about this wine was its complexity in aroma and taste.

Consider decanting this wine for a little while before drinking it.

Cannonau Di Sardegna price about $12.00 – $14.00.  Recommend!


  1. I am wondering if you could direct a non-wine drinker to something palatable, sweet maybe. I have never been able to appreciate the tastes everyone talks of, but watched Dr. Sanjay Gupta speak so highly of the Cannonau wine from Sardonia, for health reasons and I’d like to try it. Wine to me has always been very bitter, so I need help. I also should say I am 79, a bit late I know. Do I have any hope?

    1. Hi Jean and thanks for commenting!

      You may already know this, but, Cannonau is a type of red wine grape. In other places in the world, it’s called Garnacha or Grenache.

      If you’re looking for something more sweet, Cannonau isn’t the best choice for that type of taste.

      You might be able to find a White Grenache blended with a sweeter varietal, to give it a sweeter taste. Try asking the folks at your local wine shop. However, in general these types of grapes don’t lend themselves to much sweetness.

      Varietal = Type of Grape, by the way.

      My suggestion for you is to try Moscato. It’s a sweeter white wine varietal, though you certainly won’t get the health benefits you might get from a red wine varietal, like Cannonau.

      A very easy to find Moscato is Barefoot Moscato and that definitely has some sweetness to it. You might like it! Barefoot brand wines aren’t highly crafted wines, but at the end of the day I think it’s more important to enjoy what you’re drinking then worrying about how well-crafted the wine is. You can always try more highly-crafted / higher priced wines once you find a varietal that you like.

      Hope that helps!


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