Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze

Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer BreezeOur second Connecticut wine to be reviewed is Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze.  This wine comes from Coventry, Connecticut USA.  The Cassidy Hill Vineyard is rather new and is considered a jewel of the town.

This review is of Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze 2012, which is a white wine with strawberries added.

According to Cassidy Hill, Summer Breeze is made from Cayuga white grapes and this “sweeter wine shows wonderful strawberry aromas and citric flavors. A perfect wine for that languid summer afternoon.”

Alcohol content 11.0% by volume according to the bottle.

Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze Review

I was given this wine as a gift from a friend and we did the tasting together.

In appearance, this wine is light copper in color.  There were no legs noted, however we did see what looked like a little effervescence.  A number of bubbles were noticed on the sides of the glass.

To be clear, Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze is not a sparkling wine.

Aroma of Summer Breeze was fruity.  I noticed grapefruit and lemon.  My friend noted strawberry.  We both described the aroma as “clean.”  Also, no alcohol was noted on the nose.

The wine’s taste was surprisingly complex for a white wine.  It was sweet with flavors of sweet grapefruit and a hint of strawberry.  My friend was able to pick up a little bitterness in the fruit taste.  But, nothing that took away from the enjoyable flavor.

Mouthfeel of Cassidy Hill Vineyard Summer Breeze was silky and reminded me of a Beaujolais.

Finish was medium and enjoyable.  No alcohol noted in the breathe out.

Overall we both really enjoyed this wine.  Keeping in mind it is fortified with strawberries.  What was great was that the strawberry was very subtle.  I didn’t know ahead of time about the strawberries, so I was surprised when my friend told me about it.

His overall comment was “Love it.  I buy this regularly and felt the word needed to get out about this wine.”  My comment was “Super enjoyable.  A perfect silky smooth warm weather, mellow sipper.”

Recommend!  Price for Summer Breeze is $15.95.

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