Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia

Produced from the area of Castellina in Chianti, Italy, Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia is said to be the most representative wine of the Cecchi family.  This wine, from 2008, is 90% Sangiovese and 10% other grape varieties.

According to the tech sheet, the grapes for this Cecchi Chianti are grown in a soil composition of middle dough alkaline presence with stones.  The wine is fermented in stainless steel for about 18 days and then aged in oak for 12 months.  The wine is bottled about 18 months after the harvest.  Bottle age is a minimum of three months.

Cecchi is a member of the Banfi brand of wines from Italy.  Alcohol content for Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia 2008 is 13.5% according to the bottle.  Price is about $29.00.

Cecchi Chianti Classico Riserva di Famiglia Review

cecchi chianti classicoSample received for review purposes.

For this tasting, we had two men and one woman.  In appearance, the wine was a dark Burgundy color with a slight rust red rim.  One person also described it as ruby.  Legs were many, quick moving and a bit bubbly.  Over time we noticed the legs appeared thicker in the glass.  Some red light did shine through the wine and it was lighter in color than other Chiantis you may find.

Aroma of the Cecchi Chianti was described as light, with some woodsy earth and raspberry.  None of us noted much alcohol in the nose.

Taste was also light and the flavor of the Sangiovese varietal was dominant.  No other complexities were noted in the flavor.

The wine was very dry and we described the mouthfeel as woolen.  Tannins were noted all over the mouth.  Finish was short.

After tasting for a bit, we paired this wine with a Mitica Drunken Goat cheese.  The cheese dramatically changed the tasting experience, as you might expect.  It greatly reduced the effect of the tannins and the overall dryness of the wine.  The Cecchi Chianti became very smooth.  One person felt a bit of sweetness had been drawn out of the wine.

Overall, one of us was lukewarm on this wine.  Another liked it, especially with the cheese, and the third “really really enjoyed it.”  So, give it a try if you enjoy a dry Chianti and consider pairing with a goat cheese.


  1. We recently received a case of red wines from you. In it was a bottle of Collezione Privata ‘Numero 1’ Riserva 2010. It was quite good. Can we get more of this particular wine?

    1. Hi Charles,

      Thanks for visiting Honest Wine Reviews, my wine review blog.

      I don’t sell wine on my site, so you might have me confused with a retailer. I just do reviews.


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