Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent

A red burgundy wine from France, Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent is one of several wines from Chateau Des Jacques.  This wine being reviewed is the 2011 Moulin A Vent.

Made exclusively from Gamay grapes, this wine’s fruit comes from soil that is “mainly composed of chalk and rich in calcium” and is “carefully farmed to maintain its natural balance”, according to the bottle.

According to the tasting notes from Kobrand (the wine’s marketer), Moulin A Vent is considered the region’s most Burgundian cru, is matured for eight months in oak barrels and can be enjoyed immediately or cellared for 10 years or more.

Alcohol content of Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent is 13.0%, per the bottle’s description.

Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent Review

Chateau Des JacquesSample received for review purposes.

In appearance, this wine is deep plum in color with burgundy reflections.  It’s pretty dark and little light shines through.

It appears rich in the glass with slow falling tears noted on the sides.

Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent is an aromatic wine with notes of deep fortified earth and black cherry.  There is a slight tingle of alcohol in the nose.

The wine’s taste is of red berries and earth with a very slight dryness.

The tannins are subtle and very well behaved.  Tannin tingle was felt in front of the upper teeth, above the lower lip on skin (not gums).

Finish of the Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent was long and all over the mouth.  There seemed to be a tiny hint of minerals at the end of the finish, after the wine had a chance to breathe a bit.

Overall, I really enjoyed this nice French red wine.  I especially admired the aroma as described above.

I found the wine to be balanced and well crafted across all the senses and smooth and enjoyable in taste.  Pair this with a light cheese to further enhance the smoothness.  Recommend!

Price of the Chateau Des Jacques Moulin A Vent is about $17.00 and can be found at

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