Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc

From the San Antonio Valley in Chile, this review is of Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc 2012.  This clean tasting white wine is composed of 100% Sauvignon Blanc.

Grapes for Emiliana Novas are grown in organic vineyards in thin clay and rocky soils.  Per the tasting notes, grapes are picked by hand in March.

They are fermented in stainless steel to keep the bright fruit taste.  Following fermentation, Novas Sauvignon Blanc is “aged in stainless steel with selected yeasts for 8 months producing clean, focused fruit aromas and flavors.”

Alcohol content of Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc is 13.0% by volume, per the bottle.

Price for Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc about $13-$15.

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Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc Review

Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon BlancSample received for review purposes.


In appearance, this wine is very clear.  There are minimal bubbles noted and the wine presents a sheeting action on the glass when swirled.  The little bit of color that is noticed is that of light gold or straw.  The bottle opens with a twist top.


Aromas of Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc were noted as clean and natural with some earthy wood.  Since the wine is fermented and aged in stainless steel, the earthy wood aroma was a mysterious surprise to my fellow taster and I.


The wine’s taste was very bright and almost tasted bubbly.  I noticed lemon and citrus in the flavor.  My friend commented that it was “tart in taste with some grapefruit zest.”  Also, a hint of bitterness was noted, but it wasn’t off putting.

Mouthfeel and Tannins

Emiliana Vineyards Novas Sauvignon Blanc has a smooth mouthfeel.  Tannins were noticed all over the mouth, but especially behind the upper lip.  And, the tannins were a bit bitter, but also very balanced.  Finally, they carried through to the end of the finish.


The wine’s finish was long and the earthiness was again noticed in the finish, on the soft palate.

Overall Opinion

Overall, my friend and I definitely enjoyed this wine a lot.  He thought it would pair well with a white fish.  I called it a “nice light bodied sipper, perfect for an early summer picnic.”

Collectively, we said “wholeheartedly recommend”, enjoyable on it’s own as a great warm weather sipper.

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