Entwine Merlot Wine Review

What’s interesting about Entwine Merlot from California is that it is part of a partnership the Food Network has with Wente Vineyards.  On the bottle was the Food Network logo and an explanation on the back.

Also on the bottle was a description of what to expect.  In this case it was notes of plum, cherry and a hint of black tea.

entwine merlotEntwine Merlot Review

I tasted the 2009 vintage of this wine.

Upon opening, the cork was real and in good shape.  Just a little ring of wine on one end.  Off to a good start for the Entwine Merlot.

The aroma was of dark cherry with only a slight whiff of alcohol.  After a slow tipped swirl in the glass, good legs appeared.  Not overly thick.

The taste of the Entwine Merlot was a little bit dry.  Not unexpected for a Merlot.  Smooth with notes of currant and cherry.

No plum or black tea noticed, but that could just be my taste buds.

The finish was round and a little tingly.

Overall I liked Entwine Merlot.  It was a good, but not exquisite, Merlot.  Likely better with food than on its own.  It improved as it had a chance to breathe.


    1. Hi Monique. I don’t think I’d buy any of the wine’s reviewed on this site for cooking.

      I’d stick with the cooking wines sold in supermarkets, like Marsala for example.

      Or, if you have a good bottle of wine and can’t finish it in a day or two, then use that for cooking.

      Hope that helps… Cheers!

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