Frank Family Zinfandel Wine Review

Frank Family Zinfandel is a Zinfandel blend from Napa Valley, California, USA.  The blend includes 79% Zinfandel, 18% Petite Sirah and 3% Cabernet Sauvignon.

The owner of the winery is Rich Frank.  Rich was the former President of Walt Disney Studios.  While there he “oversaw the development of the Disney Channel.”

He also has a past with other well known media companies and was involved with several hit TV shows including “Cheers”, “Taxi” and “Family Ties.”

Quite an interesting individual!  For more about his history, check out the winery’s website.

I’ve also reviewed Frank Family Pinot Noir and Frank Family Chardonnay.

Frank Family Zinfandel Spec Sheet

I received this wine as a sample for review purposes.  The folks from Frank Family Vineyards were kind enough to send their official Specifications Sheet and Tasting Notes along with the wine.

This sheet contains detailed information about the wine including the Harvest Date, Cooperage and Bottling info.

Here’s the sheet:  Frank Family Vineyards Zinfandel Specifications and Tasting Notes

Frank Family Zinfandel Review

Frank Family ZinfandelFor this review, I tasted the 2012 vintage.

In the glass this wine is deep red and purple in color.  Hardly any light shines through.

What light does shine through causes faint red reflections below the glass.  Judging from appearance only, this looks to be a bold Zinfandel blend.

Legs are slow to form and drip very slowly down the sides of the glass.

When I first opened this wine I noticed that the aroma is strong and lasting.

I’m writing this review at the same time as I do the tasting.  The wine glass is a good two feet away from me and I keep getting whiffs of its very deep and enjoyable aroma.  The tasting notes describe it as rhubarb and I would agree with that comparison.

Up close, the aroma is not as deep.  Most noticeable are hints of red licorice and a mild sting of alcohol.

Frank Family Zinfandel alcohol content 14.6% per the bottle.

Upon first sip, the most prevalent flavor is silky black cherry.  Right after that are flavors of red candy and ripe plum.  Not surprising for a Zinfandel, there is just a little bit of sweetness to this wine.  But nothing like a red velvet type blend.

Tannins are restrained but still noticeable.  With a small sip, the tingling sensation was primarily felt on the cheeks.  With a full sip and swish, the tannins are felt all over the palate.

In total the mouthfeel has some creaminess to it.

The wine’s finish is long lasting and enjoyable, much like the nose.

Overall, this is an excellent Zinfandel blend.  The Petite Sirah and the Cabernet Sauvignon add in some nice elements to this wine.  The wine is well balanced.  All the elements work nicely together and nothing overwhelms its counterpart.  The flavor is very enjoyable.

Frank Family Zinfandel price $37.00 suggested retail.


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