Hang Time Pinot Noir Wine Review

This review is of Hang Time Pinot Noir from Napa, California.  In this review we’ll reveal this wine’s price, appearance, flavor and more.

Hang Time Pinot Noir Tasting

In the glass this wine was deep in color and had a very enjoyable earthy aroma.

According to the Hang Time Pinot Noir bottle, the growers like to maximize the hang time of the grapes that go into this wine.  They do this in order to bring out a balanced, deep fruit character, adding to its complexity.

It did have some complexity.  I noticed hints of blackberry and a slightly nutty taste, characteristic of walnut.  But overall, the taste of the Hang Time Pinot Noir was a bit bitter to my palate and at $14, I thought it was a little pricey.  It also had a screw top, which I’m seeing more and more.

So, overall…  not a sipping wine.  But if you’re looking for a Pinot Noir with a slightly different angle, give Hang Time Pinot Noir a try.

Hang Time Pinot Noir price about $14.99.

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