Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine Review

Meiomi Pinot Noir is vinted and bottled by Meiomi Wines in Acampo, California, USA.

Fruit for this wine was sourced from vineyards in Sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbara for this 100% Pinot Noir blend.

This is my second time reviewing this wine. I had previously reviewed the 2011 vintage, but was interested to see what this wine would be like five years later with the 2016 vintage.

Plus, this review gets a lot of visits from the interwebs and I wanted to make sure readers are getting an up to date review.

Interestingly, I found some significant differences between the two different vintages.

So, what you’ll be reading first is my current review of the 2016 vintage.

I’ll then compare and contrast that with the 2011 vintage.

I also stumbled up some interesting discoveries with the current vintage relating to fresh pours and different flavors.

With all that said, let’s get on to the review of Meiomi Pinot Noir 2016.

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Meiomi Pinot Noir Wine Review

Meiomi Pinot Noir

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From the Bottle:

With a soft hand in the cellar and gentle winemaking techniques, the wine evolves into an elegant balance of spice and fruit, weight and restraint.

To start, the wine opens with a beautifully designed twist top.   The top has a satisfying, engineered feeling to it that I haven’t experienced before.


In the glass, Meiomi Pinot Noir is fairly dark and plum in color.  Maybe similar to a lighter Merlot.

Just a bit of light is able to shine through.

The wine coats up the glass well when tipped and leaves slow falling legs on the inside of the glass.


While not immediately noticeable upon opening the bottle, this wine is pretty aromatic.

The New World Pinot Noir glass I was using was helpful in drawing a spicy, jammy aroma upwards to my nose.

Overall, the aroma was enjoyable with just a mild hint of alcohol.

Meiomi Pinot Noir alcohol content 13.7% per the bottle.


While tasting this wine, a happy accident occurred.

I poured it and then got distracted for a little while, attending to a text message.

I came back to the wine after 5 minutes or so and started my tasting.

My tasting revealed a nice, refined wine with just a bit of fruit.

I noted classic Pinot Noir flavor with a bit of nutmeg or perhaps allspice.


Fresh Pour

After that initial tasting I gave the wine a fresh pour and noticed a significant difference.

The fresh pour had more sweetness to it.  I also discovered a bit of jammy fruit I hadn’t noticed the first time I tasted it.

From there, I went and got a second wine glass and experimented with fresh pours versus letting the wine breathe for awhile.  That was the first time I’ve used two wine glasses for one tasting!

What I found was that a fresh pour of this wine is much more flavorful and enjoyable.

Letting it sit in the glass actually resulted in a reduction of flavor that allowed the wine’s tannins to get in the way a little bit.

My Suggestion

So with all that said, I’d suggest drinking this wine via smaller, freshly poured sips.

Fill your wine glass up to no more than 10-15% if you want to taste more fruit.

Or just experiment with it as I did to see what happens as the wine breathes… fun!

Mouthfeel and Tannins

Regardless of the pour, Meomi Pinot Noir gives you a silky mouthfeel and supple tannins.

However, the tannins are more noticeable as the wine gets some air.

I suspect this wine is a bit “young” and it might benefit from some time in the cellar.  Hard to say for sure.


The wine’s finish is medium to long with some lingering bitterness from the tannins.


Setting the experiments aside, Meomi Pinot Noir is an enjoyable wine to drink.

You get classic Pinot Noir flavor and a nicely balanced finish.

Meiomi Pinot Noir price $19.99.

Perhaps a little bit pricey, however Meomi has remained consistent at this price point over the years.

Comparing and Contrasting Vintages – Now Versus Five Years Ago

So, as mentioned above, this review is an update from the review I did five years ago.

I won’t repeat the entire review I did for the 2011 vintage, but here are the main differences between the two:

  • Both vintages similar in appearance.
  • The current vintage has less of an alcohol bite in the nose.  In my review of the 2011, I noted a strong whiff of alcohol that I didn’t notice with the 2016.
  • The aromas between the two vintages are mostly similar, but I didn’t notice any mocha this time, as I did previously.
  • Less complexity with the 2016 vintage’s taste. Perhaps a bit more refined, however.
  • Similar finish length, with more tannins noted in the 2016.
  • The biggest difference was that I suggested decanting the 2011.  For the 2016, I much preferred a fresh pour.
  • Both vintages seemed a bit young to me and it may be worth letting this wine have a year or two in the cellar before drinking.  Though, admittedly, I’m not 100% confident in that suggestion.  Just a gut feeling.
  • Overall, I enjoyed both vintages, but would give the 2011 a slight edge due it being more complex and lush.

Finally, I’ve also reviewed a couple other wines from Meiomi.  To see those, click below:

Meiomi Rose Wine Review

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. I tried this vintage after hearing a bit about it the last couple of months. While I’m no wine expert I have to say that I found it very pleasant and, dare I say, delicious!?!? Also, it knocked me out and I slept pretty damn good afterwards!! LOL!! I’d definitely try it over and over. By the way, it cost me $27/bottle at my local supermarket wine shop. Not the $19/bottle as stated here.

    1. Thanks for commenting Mike, and for your sharing your experience with this wine.

      I’m sure others will appreciate your thoughts, too.

      Sounds like inflation is having its impact on the cost. To be expected, I guess.

      Anyway, Cheers! and thanks again.

  2. I’d like to preface this by saying that in regards to wine, I only drink pinot noir. I can’t claim to have tasted a ‘ton’ but, I’ve really enjoyed and experimented with a lot of the bottom/mid shelf ones you’d find at Kroger or Walmart hahaa.
    Meiomi 2021 was very sweet to me. It was bordering Taylor Port in terms of sweetness. Despite that, I did (like you said) taste a pronounced ‘pinot noir’ flavor.
    With all the other pinot noirs I’ve tasted, with the exception of the ‘Threesome’ one, I’ve gotten a more prominent bitter flavor- so often so, that I’ve grown accustomed to the usual bitterness that pinot noirs have to offer.
    The nose ‘Jammy-ness’ and sweetness are a really pleasant and distinct flavor to this one! I love it. I can see why a non-wine person would even like it. I’d even have my non-wine enjoyers try this one.

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, JC!

      Focusing on one varietal like you do is a great way to develop expertise.

      I think you’re right about that usual bitterness you mention. I encounter that quite a bit, myself, and have to remember that’s often just a part of the Pinot Noir experience.

      Anyway, thanks again for commenting and visiting my site… Much appreciated!


  3. My friend and I first tasted Meiome Pinot Noir at Olive Garden restaurant this past Easter and I have never tasted such a smooth delicious wine …..I’m hooked !

  4. Happened upon the Meiomi Pinot in a restaurant and enjoyed it so much I bought a couple of bottles the next week. We haven’t been wine drinkers by habit for some time, so the details of your review are probably not appreciated by us as much as they deserve.
    What struck me when we opened one of our bottles was the cork…or, rather, that there wasn’t one! When did that become the standard for wines presumably above the “two-buck-Chuck” category?
    Anyway, we did enjoy the wine but were still surprised by the bottle cap (as I admitted, we aren’t as familiar with the world of wine as we were in our youth).

    1. Thanks for commenting, Jeff!

      A number of people have been wondering about the bottle cap, so you’re certainly in good company.

      I think as time goes on we’re going to see less and less cork being used. I’m definitely noticing more synthetic corks and twist-offs these days.

      Anyway, glad you found a wine you enjoy and thanks again for visiting and commenting.


  5. The technical sheets have the truth. The 2021 Meomi vintage has 15 g/L of sugar. It sounds like in vintages of past (~10 years ago), it was closer to 6 g/L. At 15 g/L sugar, the 2021 vintage is not a dry wine, it is at a minimum off-dry and by some considerations medium sweet. The 2021 tastes exceptionally sweet for “pinot noir”, especially given relatively low acidity. So if you are expecting a dry pinot noir, you will not like the 2021 vintage.

  6. I actually came across your article and site after googling “why does my Meiomi Pinot noir taste sweet?” I had not had this wine since 2011 and got a bottle the other day as my fav was sold out. I immediately noticed the taste difference. Much sweeter and as it sit reminded me of the nail polish remover taste I taste in scotch. Not bad just not my thing.

    Your article was on point and very descriptive

    1. Thanks for commenting, Sofija, and for the kind words!

      I do try my best to be as accurate and helpful as I can in my descriptions. So, feedback like your’s keeps me motivated to continue!


  7. I don’t know whay you’re talking about. This wine is awful and I paid $21 for it, then I saw it’s selling for $11 online. Even that is too much.

  8. Had recently became a fan. But after a conversation with an ABC employee that mentioned the amount of sugar and chemicals in Meiomi, suggested FYI. Also said it is not a Pinot Noir, but a blend of several others, like Riesling which uses white grapes and dyes. His customers have since switched up the Meiomo for FYI.
    Gave it a try. Both my son and I prefer the FYI over the Meiomi.
    Not a wine connoisseur by any means.

    1. Interesting… Thanks for the comment.

      I sure hope Meiomi is not adding dyes to their wines. Would not want to see that.

      I was under the impression that FYI is a red blend and not a Pinot Noir. Maybe they have a Pinot Noir too and that’s what was recommended?

      Nevertheless, I’ll keep an eye out for it.

  9. Look carefully at the latest “vintage” of Meiomi. I use “” because there is no vintage on the label. Also gone are the tri-app references to sonoma, Monterey and Santa Barbera. The tri-app concept adopted by Joe Wagoner is gone. It is now a California wine. It is also a blend of PN grapes and other sweeter varietals (us Americans love our sugar! ).

  10. I do love your wine, but hate your screw top . It was next to impossible to get off. I cut myself in 3 places removing the label on the top. Please adjust your top.

    1. Hi Colleen,

      I’m not affiliated with or employed by Meiomi. My website is a wine review website and Meiomi is one of many wines I’ve reviewed over the years.

      You may want to get in touch with Meiomi directly.

      Good luck,

  11. To whom it may concern. For Mother’s Day I got a small trial size of Meiome Pinot noir. I love it!! Truely very tasty’!! Reminds me of a Demi sec. Keep making it! Delicious!!

    1. Uh oh… Sounds like a bad bottle.

      Never fun to drink something you don’t like. :-(

      Thanks for commenting, Eleanor, and here’s hoping your next glass of wine is better!

      1. I have very recently been introduced to Meiomi Pinot Noir and enjoy it very much. So much, in fact, I have given it as gifts to several friends. However I always have to include a warning about the miserable task of trying to open the bottle without seriously cutting one’s fingers! First of all, it is hard to tell if it has a cork or a screw top opening. Secondly, when you try to pry through the entire metallic casing to get to the method of opening it, you are lucky your
        fingers are not bleeding from the effort. Am I missing something that should be obvious here? Because this really discourages me from buying more of this nice wine.

        1. Thanks for commenting Carol!

          Nope, I don’t think you’re missing something. Other people have commented about opening the bottle and how difficult it can be, too.

          Hopefully Meiomi is getting feedback on this.


  12. Looking at the other reviews it’s obvious that what one thinks of this Pinot depends on the style of wine one prefers. It’s very subjective. If one prefers highly structured, gorgeously perfumed but somewhat austere wines for pondering over, one will rave over higher end classed growths from Burgundy. If one is looking for less structured, smooth drinking, deliciously fruit forward wines that aren’t overly complex, then Meiomi type Pinots will do it for you. I’ve consumed both styles and for me, I can enjoy both for whay they are, but it really depends on the mood I’m in and how much money I’m willing to spend. I’d say Meiomi is an excellent example of the second style and shouldn’t be criticized so harshly just because it’s not made in a more structured style. It’s not meant to be.

  13. last night I served your Pinot Noir and my friends voiced compliment after compliment. I do however ask one favor. To open or twist the cap, we finally ended up taking pliers to the cap to open it. Rather humorus. Hopefully there is an alternative to the caps on your wine. It was reallty funny when we finally had to resort to getting pliers to twist the cap off.

    1. Hi Jeanne and thanks for visiting Honest Wine Reviews.

      I don’t work for Meiomi and this site isn’t affiliated with them.

      I’m just a wine reviewer and Meiomi Pinot Noir is one of the wines I’ve reviewed.

      Sorry to hear about that cap though… I hate when that happens!

      Cheers… Jon

  14. I am not by any means a wine snob and do not consider myself an expert on 2017 MEIOMI Pinot Noir however I enjoy a smooth soft glass of red wine.
    We had the pleasure of selecting this wine on the waitress suggestion several weeks ago. I enjoyed the smooth sliding of this wine in my mouth then tongue and throat. I thought I was imagining the feeling so I gently tried it again. I enjoy this
    wine. Purchased 18 bottles so now we can plan the holiday menu around this.
    Never had the 2014 to compare with this so we will not comment on that.
    I have paid considerably more for a bottle of wine but this price point of $20.00 will serve me well .

    1. Thanks for commenting, Paula.

      It’s always great to get a good recommendation from a waiter or waitress who knows what they’re talking about.

      Sounds like you’re stocked up!

      Cheers and thanks again for commenting,

  15. I don’t think it’s that good to die for. I feel like it’s overrated and It’s just an average PN. Just being honest.

  16. A really disappointing Pinot Noir.Way too sweet,lacks character and has none of the bright flavors that I associate with great Pinots.There are so many Pinots at better prices.On tasting it is almost unidentifiable as a Pinot Noir.I am a certified Advanced level Sommelier and would never recommend this wine to anyone.


  18. Just finished a bottle of the 2013 vintage I purchased at a smaller liquor store. I would agree very much with you tasting notes and evaluation of the wine. It is one of our favorite Pinot Noirs. As for aging the wine, I noticed that the 2013 vintage is using a screw cap and I was under the impression that screw caps do not really allow for aging very well. This is definitely a wine to let air and a wine that moves through many different stages and flavors during tasting, a nice sturdy Pinot.

    1. Thanks for commenting and for your review notes, Richard!

      I’m not surprised to hear about the screw cap. I recently reviewed Meiomi’s Rose and that had a screw cap as well.

      Hard to know which is better for aging, cork vs. screw caps. Cork degrades over time and can let air in. Although, some say allowing the wine to breathe through the cork as it ages is a good thing.

      These days, much wine is being produced to consume almost immediately, so aging is becoming less of a priority with the average consumer.

      Overall, I call it an evolving discussion… Cheers!

  19. I find this a real let down. I started out on PINOT NOIR from northern Italy and then France, to even call this by the same name is a insult. Meiomi taste like a fruit blend of strange fruit, blended all at the wrong times..

    I would not recommend this to anyone

  20. I recently tried Meiomi and if I were blindfolded I would not be able to identify it as Pinot Noir. To me, it was unrecognizable as such and didn’t have any of the attributes of Pinot Noir I love. As with many California wines it tastes better on its own than with food and, as Rob noted, it tasted to me like some kind of blend. It was all fruit and show, lacking in nuance and minerality. I can see why its popular but it sure isn’t what I look for in Pinot Noir. For that I look to Burgundy and Oregon.

      1. You may find that the Santa Lucia Highlands now produce some of the finest Pinot Noirs in the U.S.

        Check out the various offerings of the Hahn Winery, SLH.

    1. I found this wine at a Toronto steak house in December, 2016. The vintage was 2015. a little young maybe, but WOW. Excellent Pinot Noir, One of the best at this price. I have since found a 2014 vintage in S. CA,. Very similar to the 15, but equally as good. I’m enjoying it as we speak. Highly recommended. This Pinot could be considered a “fruit bomb” by some, but it is very well balanced, good finish. As mentioned by others, It is noticeably reminiscent of the fruity style of Zins, of which I also am partial. Definitely not a “Burgundy, but also not absurdly overpriced. Under $20 in S, CA, Excellent.

  21. Looks like you are talking about the 2013 vintage which I haven’t found. I just picked up a 2014 & a 2015 before I drink them how do you think these vintages compare?

    1. Truthfully, I haven’t had the opportunity to try later vintages, so not sure how they compare.

      If you get a chance, and want to share your experiences with the 2014 and 2015 I’m sure everyone would be interested to hear your opinion. I know I would!


  22. Can you still get a 2013 Pinot Noir? I do not like the 2014 as it has changed so much. I have been drinking Meiomi for a long time and have turned many people on to it, but it is not the same anymore. Any suggestions?

  23. I agree with the WOWs. I have a difficult time with red wine due to oak allergy and an aversion to tannins. Tasted this at a 4th of July party and fell in love. This is what sets winemakers apart; instilling a magical combination for a creation that can cross palate borders.

    The Houston Rodeo wine committee allows me to try a LOT of wines. Surprised I’ve never stumbled across this one. But I have already been “selling” it at the grocery store every time I go and see folks searching.

    1. Thanks for contributing, Trish! You’re definitely going to note more tannins in reds vs. whites. Glad to hear you’ve found what works for you. Cheers!

      1. This wine is the one thing that you know is what it’s supposed to be. Dark, danky, superb, fruity basically what a Pinot noir is supposed to be. Thank you..,,

  24. Meiomi is not ageable. To repeat it will fall apart quickly and you will be left with a flabby sweet mess of garbage. Meiomi is a joke within the wine industry. It is the exact opposite of what one should expect in Pinot (low acid, noticeable sugar.). I agree with Rob above that it tastes more like Zinfandel or Syrah. In fact many inexpensive Pinots from California are blended with syrah to give them more body and sweet fruit.
    If you like it fine, just don’t call it Pinot Noir.

      1. I bought 2 bottles of Meiomi Cab Sauv. on sale at our BC government store. They were both almost undrinkable: sweet and cloying but not like a sherry or port or even a kosher wine. I had another bottle that I had put down several years ago. I tried it and found it even worse.
        I warned my sister not to buy any and she reported that she had bought a bottle on a friend’s recommendation and also found it undrinkable. I like full bodied reds and find unfortunately that the more you pay for a wine the better it is with some variation. The price of this wine is at the top of my normal price range. I have trouble believing that anyone would enjoy drinking this stuff.

        1. Thanks for commenting James, I’m sure others will appreciate your review as well.

          Interesting to hear the Cab Sauv is also giving some people issues, similar to those who have reported the same with the Pinot Noir in this review.

          It’s definitely dissapointing to pay too much for wine you find almost undrinkable.

          Cheers, and here’s hoping your next bottle of whatever you choose treats you better!


  25. I have heard about this Pinot Noir for some time now but never ventured away from the half dozen Pinot’s that I knew were spectacular wines. Well, I have to say that this 2013 Meiomi just blew me away. Everything about this wine surpasses any Pinot that I have ever tasted, moving it to the #1 position on my all time favorite Pinots, even surpassing many Burgundies that I have in my cellar. I must say that I am truly hooked on this beauty, and only wish that I had tried it sooner. Does this wine come in ‘mags and what do you consider the optimum year that this wine will ‘peak out?’ I plan to purchase a case and was curious if it would age well?
    Greg Booker
    Atlanta, GA.

    1. Hi Greg… you stumped me! So, I’m contacting Joe Wagner, the winemaker, with your question. He’s @JoePinot on Twitter. I’m @winestomp. Join in if you’re on Twitter. We’ll see what he says…

  26. This is an example of what happens when something is made to be recklessly delicious while tossing enough of a given popular varietal in it to draw the Sideways-watchers.

    This is not pinot noir; it’s Nicki Minaj (i.e. a rel;atively empty performer with enough windowdressing to excite casual viewers). If you enjoy this flavor profile, you probably really want a Dry Creek zinfandel. If you actually wanted pinot noir, you’d bee (speaking to new world palates) all over Oregon and New Zealand.

    Or you can just spike your normal pinot noir with 1.5 ounces of chambord and get what you’re looking for.

  27. This is the finest wine I have ever drank….Love the fruit smell, and taste…It has a rich body to it that I like very much…Some wines look like color water…Sure they may taste some what good…But no body to them…A waiter at the Waldorf Astoria in NYC turned me on to this wine…And when I have dinner there this is the wine he brings me…

    1. Thanks for the comment and question Tom!

      To the best of my knowledge, Meomi Pinot Noir is all Pinot Noir and is not blended with another varietal. However, they do blend Pinot Noir grapes from different vineyards (Sonoma, Santa Barbara and Montery) to give the wine the richness you mentioned. Their website – – really does a great job of explaining how they source their grapes, their history, etc. Definitely worth checking out. Cheers!

  28. Can I work for this winery LOL! I could sell it’s socks off!! I have a masters degree in psych, but would love to work for and sell wine for a winery I really respect! Love Meiomi!

  29. This wine is to die for! I have had many pinot’s and nothing compares! Other wineries need to take lessons!

    1. I’m wondering if something changed at Meomi since these reviews were written? I have tried Meomi twice in the last two years and on both occasions couldn’t finish a glass. It had a confected, artificial candy sweetness that prevented me from comfortably swallowing this wine. It was very, very unpleasant. I’m not a huge pinot fan, but I am definitely a fan of fruit forward red wines – but they need to taste natural.

      1. I agree. Something has changed. The Pinot Noir is just not the same as it used to be. It’s almost sparkling with a bitter aftertaste. Not enjoyable at all. Meiomi Pinot Noir has been my favorite wine for quite a few years but I can’t even drink it now.

        1. OK, I’m just tooling along in the internet and I got a advertisement for this Meiomi, OK, never heard of it but for grins and giggle I check it out (I don’t think they can deliver to MD anyway) read the review “a little pricey but a good wine” OK, fair enough, but I’m a little suspicious, eg, pushing it on the internet and this confirms that suspicion, it’s been bought out and getting huckstered.

          One’s gotta watch this in all things, clothing companies etc when a brand gets bought out, sometimes it ends up not even being a virtual company eg, a bunch of copyrights owned in a lawyers office, and everything gets sourced out, maybe through other Constellation holdings, since it appeared the original M “sourced” all its grapes perfect for Cosntellation to let those contracts go.

          So yeah, not that I would have ordered any but guessing they were depending on me not knowing of their change of ownership.

          1. I tried this wine first a month ago and knew it didn’t taste like a pinot noir but I loved the sweetness. I bought a bottle for my daughter who doesn’t like wine and she loved it. I bought two more bottles and they don’t taste anything like the first two, they are not sweet. The last bottles I bought are 2021s. I don’t know what year the first two were but guessing they were 2021s because they were so sweet. What the heck…how can I get more of the sweet ones if the 2021s are different?

      2. I totally agree. This wine is thick, cloyingly sweet and undrinkable. Nothing pinot noir character whatsoever.

          1. Syrup! Save your money and go buy some cough syrup or corn syrup. Super sweet! Why is this wine so sweet, I guess they think little kids are buying this! YUK.

      3. I can’t even finish this glass of 2021 vintage. What the heck happened? For a mass produced wine this used to be a good go to. Now it tastes like corn syrup and I will have to pour the rest of the bottle out!

        Can’t force it down.

      4. Yes!!!! This wine has completely changed! It’s so sweet!!!! I couldn’t drink it. I’ll never buy it again and it used to be a go to for me.

      5. I actually did a Google search to see if they changed how they made the wine. I can’t even drink it anymore and it used to be my favorite wine. It now has a sour/bitter bite to it. First time I had a glass at a restaurant I sent it back because I thought it was corked.

    2. If you like sugar water then drink on! This brand was sold by the Wagner family to Constellation brands. The quality has gone down hill since.

      1. I rather enjoy this wine and I don’t care for sugar water., as you call it.Therefore, I disagree with your assessment. Everyone has differing tastes and opinions. Mine must be more broad.

    3. Meioni Pinot Noir was recently recommended to me by a friend, so I purchased a bottle. Uh, yuck! This is not recognizable as a Pinot Noir. It tasted like some sort of artificial candy to me – too sweet. I did some research and found the brand has changed ownership. Hmmmm. Also, it has residual sugars that are too high to be classed as a dry wine; some might like that but I found it completely unappealing and twice as expensive as it should be.

      1. I just tried this wine based in the prior positive reviews. All I can say is this wine is horribly sweet and tastes like cheap cough syrup.

        1. I agree with your comment. I have had this wine years ago and found it very good. Lately I bought few bottles that are a sugary concoction

    4. This is the best Pinot I have ever had and I have been all over the world drinking many many different types in f wines from different regions. While many have been just as good none have been better.

    5. I couldn’t agree more. I found this wine at Walmart and was using it for a sub for a wine they were out of. I buy nothing but this anymore for just setting and sipping.

    6. Like drinking from a juice box. They have devolved into a cheap, burning barrel wine. I felt as though a fruit picker had handed me their old gloves and I was sucking the juices from them. I can’t believe they still think their wine is worth more than $9.

    7. Wow! I am not sure what you have had with it! This is one of the worst Pinot Noir I have had in a long time. Pinot Noir are never made with a sweet end taste. This one has a porto ending!
      Bad! Real bad! Incidentally , they have done better in the past. Not sure what they dropped in this time. Even my kids hated it!

    8. Unfortunately I found this particular vintage (2021)/bottle undrinkable. Up here in Canada this would rank alongside maple syrup on the sweetness scale. Something has gone very wrong in the sugar department. Many web sites rate it as dry with sugar content in the 7-10gm/l range, which to be accurate would not qualify as dry; try 5 gm/l or less. The provincially run liquor boards in Alberta, Quebec & Ontario rank the sugar content in the 22-28gm/l range, which is exactly what it tastes like. If one wants it for a desert wine, I guess OK, but before or during the main part of dinner, absolutely unacceptable.

      1. Agree with all the folks who find this wine too sweet. It was not integrated and tasted really odd. Everyone who tried it agreed. I get that some people really enjoy sweet wine but NOTHING on the label tells you that the wine is off dry. Saying the wine is “jammy” is the only clue. Oh and the same goes for the red blend. Disgustingly sweet.

    9. My wife and I have been a fan of Meiomi Pinot Noir for years and have told our friends about its dry bold flavor and consistency. A classic Pinot Noir at a very fair price.
      Tonight we were shocked when the bottle we had with our dinner was exceptionally sweet.
      It turns out it was the 2021 vintage others have mentioned in these reviews.
      We then opened a bottle from an earlier vintage (year not apparent on the bottle) and it was the Meiomi we have always enjoyed. Still with a delicious fruity flavor, but so much dryer.
      We intend on stocking up on all the “non 2021” bottles we can find.

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