Mooiplaas The Bean Pinotage Review

Mooiplaas The Bean Pinotage red wine is made from South Africa’s native Pinotage grape, a cross between Pinot Noir and Hermitage.  Alcohol is 14.15% by volume.

This Mooiplaas is not a blend.  It’s 100% Pinotage.

According to the winemaker, this wine comes from vines that are 12 years old and 16 years old.

They describe the soil type as Estcourt.

In order to make a wine that had overtones of oaky coffee and cocoa they used barrels that had toasted French Oak staves.

Mooiplaas The Bean Pinotage Tasting

Mooiplaas The Bean Pinotage WineThe aroma reminded me of dark chocolate. Not strong but a definite hint.

Very dark in color like a black plum, this Mooiplaas had little to no legs and appeared satiny in the glass.

The taste of this Mooiplaas Pinotage had hints of dark cherry and mocha but with a definite Pinot Noir flavor. On the tongue the wine was very smooth like silk.

The tannins were very present and gave the mouth a slight pucker. The finish reminded me of coffee, making for an overall complex, interesting and fabulous wine.

Mooiplaas The Bean Pinotage would be a great wine with chocolate!  Recommend!

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