Pink Floyd Wine Review

Part of the Wines That Rock series, Pink Floyd wine comes from Mendocino County.

It is a custom Cabernet Sauvignon blend from the winemaker, Mark Beaman.

Mark is from the Mendocino Wine Company.

The wine label is the cover of Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon album with the album title in a small circle on the wine label.

The winemaker set out to capture the essence of the music of that album and he was successful in doing so.  The music from that album is dark and complex and so is Pink Floyd wine.

Pink Floyd Wine Dark Side of the Moon Review

Pink Floyd WineI decided to research this wine after I tasted it, so as not to impact my honest tasting.  I wasn’t expecting it to pour so dark.  It reminded me of a robust Zinfandel.

In the glass, the color of Pink Floyd wine is very deep and dark.  The legs easily suspended on the side of the glass with plenty of hang time.  I also noticed bubble sheet suspension, similar to some Oregon Pinots I’ve reviewed previously.

I found the aroma to be earthy and fruit forward with sub-tones of black cherry and damp hemlock forest.  Definitely enjoyable and it gave a nod to the complexity this wine holds.

The taste was of cherry and black raspberry.  Slightly on the dry side, but not a show stopper.  The flavors were well balanced, smooth and round.  You could tell the Pink Floyd wine was a blend and that was OK by me.

The finish was smooth and silky with noticeable but well behaved tannins that I sensed more on my tongue than on the sides of my mouth.

Overall, Pink Floyd wine is very enjoyable.  Honestly, when I saw it in the store I thought it might be a gimmick.  However, when I saw that it was on the top of Amazon’s wine list, I decided to give it a try.  I think you should too.  Great wine, unique labeling and would make a great gift or conversation starter at a party.  Recommend!


  1. If you find out something about why the band dropped the wine please let me know. On another subject, I read about the wine heist in Yountville. Seems unbelievable that a bottle of wine can sell for $10,000 dollars? In the same newspaper I saw a full page add for a philanthropic group in Sonoma County that gave out $80,000 to various groups last year. Income inequality in our country has become a hot topic. When eight bottles of wine equals the total donation budget for a year I would say the issue is real and hitting close to home.

    1. Will do.

      I agree with you… things have really changed. Personally I can’t imagine shelling out that much money for one bottle of wine. Plus I’d want to drink it, but then the value would be $0.

  2. I heard that the band no longer wants their name on the wine label. Do you know anything about this? This was the most popular wine for Wines That Rock.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Kirk. No, I hadn’t heard that. I’ll have to keep an eye on it though. For the most part, the wine has good reviews. I wonder why they’d want to discontinue licensing their name to it.

  3. Oh my gosh! You have no idea what you are introducing here! Pink Floyd is something people say I take way too seriously (holding many of the books written and all of the albums). Some quote the bible while I quote Pink Floyd lyrics. I just HAVE TO, HAVE to get my hands on this bottle!

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