Prophecy Red Blend Review

Prophecy Red Blend comes from Prophecy Wines in Healdsburg, California, USA.

The grapes that make up the blend come from California and Washington, according to the bottle.  They didn’t say which particular varietals make up the blend.

One thing you can’t help but notice, is the beautiful label on this bottle.

It was created by Victo Ngai, a lady with incredible artwork skills!

According to her Instagram profile, she’s an LA based illustrator from Hong Kong.  Well done!

Prophecy Red Blend Wine Review

Prophecy Red BlendFrom the bottle:

…our inspiration comes from the beauty of the harvest and the possibility of greatness in a glass.

I tasted the 2015 vintage of Prophecy Red Blend.


In the glass, this wine is dark purple in color.

While I’ve seen darker blends, this one is still pretty dark.  Just a little light does manage to come through, however.

A tip and spin really coats up the glass.

It’s a leggy red blend, and its legs fall very slowly down the sides of the glass.


This wine is very aromatic.

I noticed it as soon as I pulled out the cork and also as I was tipping and spinning to coat up the glass.

With the glass a good foot away, you can still smell this wine’s aroma.

On the nose, you get notes of vanilla, a nutmeg-like spice and some cherry.

It leaves very little alcohol burn in the nose, that’s well masked by its bold aroma.

Very enjoyable!

Prophecy Red Blend alcohol content 13.8% by volume, per the bottle.


The wine’s primary flavor is juicy dark cherry.

It’s definitely not overly bold, but it is a nice fruit-forward sipper.

I found it enjoyable, but did note that it’s not very complex.

Mouthfeel and Tannins

Prophecy Red Blend delivers a juicy mouthfeel.

The tannins are not overwhelming, though definitely present and felt mostly on the tip of the tongue.


I found the finish to be long, with a nice run-off of the flavor, giving way to the tannins.

Little to no bitterness as well, which was good.

Overall Opinion

My favorite part of this wine was its aroma.  Very enjoyable and fairly complex.

I did enjoy the flavor, but have to acknowledge that if you’re looking for palate complexity, this wine probably won’t give you much.

Overall, it’s a great simple sipper that will likely please everyone at the table.

Prophecy Red Blend price $10.99.

Suggested Pairing

As I was drinking this wine, I kept thinking of a local restaurant that does a great rare prime-rib.

So, that’s my suggestion…  Pair Prophecy Red Blend with a nice prime-rib.

The tannins will work well with the beef and the juicy flavor should shine through.


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