Relax Riesling Review

Relax Riesling

Relax Riesling comes from Relax Wines and is a German Riesling.

Grapes for this wine come from the vineyards of Mosel and are grown in soil with mineral and slate.

After harvest, the wine is cold fermented in stainless steel, allowing it to bring forth its natural acidity.

Relax Riesling Wine Review

According to the tasting notes, the varietal is 100% Riesling, with no blending of other white wine grapes.

From the bottle:

Relax Riesling is fermented slightly dry with a wonderful fruity bouquet and intense flavors of apples and peaches with just a hint of citrus. The natural acidity gives this wine a perfect balance that is refreshingly crisp and leaves your mouth watering.

Relax Riesling Bottle Label

The bottle also mentions that this wine should be served chilled.

I prefer to taste wines at a non-chilled temperature in order to really sense the flavors. So, I didn’t chill this wine before tasting it.

I tasted the 2021 vintage of Relax Riesling.


Upon pouring, I noted the wine’s golden brassy color.

In the glass were many tiny non-effervescent bubbles after pouring.


When I first opened the bottle, I noticed an initial (and substantial) burst of peach.

After pouring and giving the wine a good sniff, I noted a continued peach aroma, however much more muted.

And even after just a minute or two, the wine’s peachy aroma became much more subtle and almost hard to notice.

With that said, the wine’s aroma was pleasant overall with no significant whiff of alcohol.

Relax Riesling alcohol percentage 9.0% by volume, per the bottle.


The bottle label did a great job at predicting the wine’s flavor.

I would put it at 50% peach and 50% crisp apple, though I didn’t pick up much citrus.

All in all, I’d say Relax Riesling was very tasty and also perfectly crisp.

Chilling it would definitely add to the crispness. So, consider that when serving this wine.

I also appreciated the low alcohol content. Which means less worry about drinking too much in one sitting.


I would describe the wine’s mouthfeel as light apple juice-like. That was also where I picked up the wine’s slight bit of acidity.

I even noticed some slight apple tasting tannins in the nooks and crannies of my mouth.


I found the wine to have a good long finish, with the peach flavor carrying through to the end.

Overall Opinion of Relax Riesling

Overall, while I wish the aroma lingered more, I found this wine to be peachy and delicious!

I liked it a lot and could easily sip this wine on its own, without food.

I think if you’re looking for a good German Riesling at a good price, this wine will serve you well.

Relax Riesling price $9.99. I picked it up at my local wine shop.

Suggested Food Pairing

Relax Wines suggests a variety of foods, including seafood, poultry, Asian dishes and salads. Each of those pairing makes good sense for a nice crisp Riesling like this one.

And of course, I wouldn’t hesitate to just sip this wine on its own.

Leave a comment below if you’ve tried this wine.


  1. I probably would have not tried this wine were it not for this review so thank you! I really enjoy it and find it very pleasant and easy to drink. I can see myself enjoying this wine this summer! I hope to see some new reviews soon!

  2. Every bottle of Relax Riesling wine that I bought over the last 1-2 years has been flat? Including today. This was my favorite and I am very sad to see this happen. I try a bottle every so often to see if it’s okay, but haven’t found one good bottle.

    1. Well that’s a bummer, Robin.

      I’ve found that when I first open a bottle of that wine, there are a bit of non-effervescent bubbles that I notice.

      To be clear, Relax Riesling isn’t a sparkling wine. I just notice a few bubbles, especially if it’s been chilled.

      I also find that after the wine has been opened for even a short amount of time, the bubbles quickly dissapate.

      If you’re not getting any non-effervescent bubbles at all, I would wonder if you’re getting bottles with bad corks maybe?

      Hard to know, but hopefully future bottles will be better.


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