Rodney Strong Pinot Noir Review

It’s rare to encounter a bad Rodney Strong Pinot Noir and this 2010 did not disappoint.

I like it when the description on the back of bottle talks about the wine’s growing season. This one said “cool spring and summer in 2010”.

It also prepared us tasters for “toasty vanilla character” and “silky texture with rose petal and cherry flavors”.

According to their Rodney Strong, they believe in preserving the earth and sustainability.  They utilize a solar energy system and claim to be the first carbon neutral winery in Sonoma.

Rodney Strong Pinot Noir Tasting

Upon opening the bottle, one of us noted that very little wine had absorbed in to the cork.

There were lots of opinions on the aroma, including more leather than vanilla, pleasant, fruity and smoky, and a cherry aroma. We all noticed a whiff of the alcohol.

Rodney Strong Pinot Noir alcohol content 14.5% per the bottle.

In the glass, the wine was very leggy.

Flavor descriptions included cherry, sour cherry and smokey.  One taster said no specifics noticed.  Another said good acidity.

We all felt the Rodney Strong Pinot Noir was very smooth and agreed the finish was good, though not exceptional.

This wine takes awhile to open up.  You may want to let it breathe awhile in the glass.

Most likely great with a pork tenderloin.

All in all, we liked this wine a lot.  I was impressed by the complexity of the nose and the flavors.  The description on the bottle of cherry flavors was accurate.  Not so sure about the rose petals, but then again none of us knew what rose petals should taste like.

Out of 5 stars our ratings were 4, 4, and 3 and a half.

Recommend!  Give Rodney Strong Pinot Noir a try!

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