Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine

Rosa Regale Sparkling Red from Italy is a sweet sparkling red wine made of Brachetto grapes.

This review is of the 2012 vintage of Rosa Regale on its own and then followed by a pairing with Brix chocolate.

This wine comes from Acqui Terme, Piedmont, Italy and is sourced from 100% Brachetto with no other varietal blended in.  The Brachetto grapes used in Rosa Regale are grown in and around the town of Acqui, according to Banfi Vintners.

Rosa Regale price is about $17.99 and the alcohol content is fairly low at 7.0%.

Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine Review

Rosa RegaleWine and chocolate samples received for review purposes.

For this review I enlisted help from a couple friends.

In the glass, Rosa Regale appeared cranberry in color and was quite bubbly as expected.  For its dark color, the wine was non-opaque and quite a bit of light shone through.  One person called the wine “pretty” in color.

On the nose, this wine gave forth plenty of grape aromas that were most intense when first poured.  One friend also noted a bit of cinnamon.

Flavors noted were caramel, black cherry and raspberry.  Rosa Regale Sparkling Red is definitely a smooth wine and an easy sipper.  Though not overbearing, this wine is sweet in taste.

Finish was long.  As I put it, “the wine dances all over your palate.”  We also noticed that more of the caramel flavor comes through as the bubbles and effervescence dissipated.

Overall, all three of us liked this sparkling wine.  You could call it Rosa Regale Champagne, although it’s not from Champagne, France so you probably shouldn’t!

Comments included “delicious”, “smooth and light” and “a great date wine that would be good for a picnic or evening in the park.”

Rosa Regale Sparkling Red Wine Paired with Brix Chocolate

After trying this wine on its own we sampled it with Brix dark chocolate.

The chocolate brightened up the flavor and muted some of the sweetness.  We agreed that the two are very complimentary together and that Rosa Regale becomes a bit more earthy in flavor as a result of the pairing.

If you like a somewhat sweet sparkling red wine, then I think this wine may be just the ticket.  Recommend!

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