Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels

As someone who had the opportunity to help pick grapes for Sharpe Hill Vineyard, I can tell you a lot of care goes into how they make their wine.  The Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels wine is reflective of that care.

Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels is a non-vintage American White Wine made from ten different grape varietals that are kept secret.

The Sharpe Hill Vineyard is located in Pomfret, Connecticut.  Of all the wines made in New England, USA, Ballet of Angels is the most popular.

The wine has the distinction of winning several medals, including “Double Gold – 2006, 2008 & 2010 Florida State Fair International Wine Competition.”

Alcohol content of Ballet of Angels 12.0% per the bottle.

Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels Review

Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of AngelsA good friend of mine shared this bottle with me and helped out with this review.

In appearance, Ballet of Angels is extremely light gold in color.  It’s a little bubbly upon pouring but is not a sparkling wine.  Some of the bubbles suspended on the sides of our glasses.

On the nose, this wine gave forth hints of light citrus.  We detected a bit of pineapple in the aroma and also noticed just a tiny whiff of alcohol.

Taste of the Ballet of Angels was mildly sweet and tart.  Both sensations were balanced.  The overall flavor was complex and perhaps a little bit peppery.  We again noticed non-sweet pineapple among other citrus flavors.

There was no bitterness in the mouthfeel and a slight puckering was noted on the inside of the cheeks.  My friend noticed it in the middle of his tongue.

My friend “noticed a little play time” in the finish.  I quantified it as medium to long.

Overall, this is a highly enjoyable white wine.  As a Connecticut native, I was pleased to finally share this review with everyone.  It’s one of the best known wines in New England and I’ve never heard of anyone who didn’t love this wine.

Sharpe Hill suggests “serving it well chilled as an aperitif or as the perfect accompaniment to spicy foods.”

If you can get your hands on this wine, definitely give it a try!  Sharpe Hill Vineyard Ballet of Angels price about $12.50.

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