The Crusher Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

The Crusher wine, a 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, is bottled by Don Sebastiani and Sons.  This exceptional red wine comes from Clarksburg, California which is said to be in an up and coming region.

The Crusher wine has an alcohol content of 13.8% and is aged 10 months in 70% French oak and 30% American oak.

According to the winemaker, “The Crusher focuses on affordable, single vineyard varietals from Clarksburg. For over 30 years, the Sebastiani family has looked to Clarksburg for premium wine grapes.”

They also state that their soils contain clay and loam and are “fed by runoff from the nearby Sierra Nevada mountains” making the soil rich and producing “healthy fruit.”

The Crusher Wine – Cabernet Sauvignon Review

The Crusher Wine Cabernet SauvignonRuby red in appearance, this wine had minimal legs.  The pour was dark and plummy with an aroma that was deep, complex and somewhat earthy.  Possibly attributable to the rich loam soil the grapes are said to come from.  No sting of alcohol with this wine.

The taste of The Crusher wine was deep and jammy.  As the tasting notes suggested, the wine’s taste is rich with noticeable hints of blackberry.  With each minute as the wine had a chance to breathe, the taste got better and better.

The finish was long and complex, perhaps a hair dry.  Good tannins with a cotton like mouthfeel that had a hint of grippiness.  Definitely enjoyable.

Overall I really enjoyed The Crusher wine and would buy again.  I think this wine compares with wines that cost much more.  Would definitely pair with lamb and, according to the tasting notes, this cab would also pair well with bacon pizza.  Now that sounds good!


  1. my wife and I drank a bottle last night and loved it! It had a nice smoky finish and went back to get all they had. I think I will buy a case.

  2. This wine was given to us as a gift, we could not finish it. I became ill soon after my first glass. My fiancé could hardly finish his glass and felt ill the rest of the night. The bottle didn’t taste spoiled, but something about it made me not even be able to look at the bottle when pouring it down the sink and I love wine. This wine is not one I would ever buy on my own.

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