Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc

Uppercut Sauvignon BlancUppercut Sauvignon Blanc is vinted and bottled in Sonoma, California, USA.

According to the bottle, the grapes for this wine are sourced from vineyards in the “sunny foothills and valleys of California’s North Coast.”

They also mention that the wine has a “mineral backbone” due to the volcanic soils in this area.

Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc Review

For this review I teamed up with my good friend and previous tasting assistant “Big Al.”  I’ve learned over time that his palate is especially tuned for white wines and he’s always a big help, going all the way back to one of my first white wine reviews.

For this review we settled in for a pre-dinner tasting of the 2013 vintage of this wine.


Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc opens with a twist top.

In the glass the wine is brassy in color with a light copper hue.  Though not effervescent, we both noticed lots of tiny bubbles that formed on the bottom of our glasses.

It’s a very leggy white, with many tiny fat legs falling slowly down the sides of the glass.


The wine’s aroma is most noticeable up close.  It did not waft very far from our glasses and wasn’t immediately noticeable upon opening the bottle.

However, up a little closer, the wine revealed a lovely and complex aroma.  Included were notes of light citrus and melon.  Specifically, we both called out cantaloupe in the aroma.

When we “put our nose into it” we then picked up hints of lemon and also a good whiff of alcohol.

Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc alcohol content 13.8% by volume per the bottle.

Overall, we both really enjoyed this wine’s aroma.


We summarized the taste as “quenching flavors of light citrus, pear, melon and yellow grapefruit.”

We noted just a hint of bitterness toward the back of the mouth.


The wine’s finish was quite long lasting and carried by the citrus and melon flavors.  Less so by the bitterness, which we were glad to note.

Overall Opinion

Overall, we both greatly enjoyed this wine.  Big Al noted “a nice transition from light sweet to mild dry that evolved over 3-4 seconds.”

We both agreed with the bottle’s recommendation that this wine be paired with a light grilled white fish.  I added it would also pair well with Lobster Ravioli.

Uppercut Sauvignon Blanc price $9.99.

A super summer sipper…  Recommend!

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