Vina San Esteban Malbec Review

Our first tasting is a 2010 Vina San Esteban Private Selection Malbec from Argentina.

According to the label, “The unique solar exposure of the foothills of Los Andes gives us this fruit forward Malbec”  It goes on to compare the taste to a concentration of ripe red fruit with spice aromas and soft tannins and promises a pleasant finish.

Also, according to the winemaker, the Vina San Esteban “vineyards are beautifully situated where sunny days and night breezes create the temperature variability needed to reach optimal ripeness of the grapes. The sandy texture of the soil restricts water retention, avoiding excessive vigor and favoring the concentration of aromas and tannins in the grapes.”

“Belonging to a family with a long-standing tradition in Chilean viticulture, Vina San Esteban was founded when José Vicente, an established grape producer, was joined by his son Horacio, a Bordeaux-trained winemaker, to produce quality Aconcagua Valley wines.”

This wine is a blend that is comprised of 95% Malbec and 5% Bonarda.

Vina San Esteban Malbec Tasting

I definitely tasted the fruit forward flavor of the Vina San Esteban and also agreed with the pleasant finish.  To me, this wine kind of reminds me of a soft Pinot Noir.  Very smooth and easily drinkable.  I didn’t get the spice aromas, though I almost dunked my nose in the wine trying.

No matter…  to me this is a great wine.  In the past I haven’t much liked the reds from Argentina, although this might be the first time I’ve tried a Malbec from that region.

The Vina San Esteban Malbec would likely pair well with many dishes including a pasta dish, grilled red meats and roasts.  It’s also quite a nice sipper on its own.

Recommend!  Give the Vina San Esteban Malbec a try!


  1. I agree that the Vina San Esteban private selection Malbec is a fine wine. BUT I am having a very difficult time finding where I can purchase a bottle ( or 2). Any help would be greatly appreciated. My locan ABC Fine Wine and Total Wines do not carry it.

    1. Thanks for commenting Joe.

      Consider talking with your local wine shops about having them order it for you. Many will do that.

      Also, not sure where you live but JerseyFineWines may be able to ship it to you if you are in one of the states they ship to you.

      That’s where I’d start.


  2. I have had good luck with Malbecs from Argentina, not so much with other types…good call…nice wine.

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