337 Wine Noble Vines Cabernet

337 Wine Noble Vines Cabernet337 Wine Noble Vines Cabernet comes from Lodi, California, USA.

This wine has seen an uptick in popularity since being featured on the Big Bang Theory TV show, Season 8, “The Prom Equivalency.”

For an explanation on the “337” numbering, here’s the information from the rear bottle label:

… 337 is the most coveted Cabernet Sauvignon vine stock in Bordeaux, France.  These rare vines are prized for their concentrated flavor and thrive in the red soils and cobblestones of our Lodi vineyard.

I’ve reviewed a couple other Noble Vines wine brands as well.  Here they are:

181 Merlot (An uncomplicated Merlot with an interesting aroma)

667 Pinot Noir (From the Dijon vine stocks of Burgundy, France)

337 Wine Noble Vines Cabernet Review

I tasted the 2013 vintage of this wine.


In the glass this wine is very dark purple in appearance.  Little light shines through.

Legs are evenly spaced, numerous and fall down the sides of the glass fairly quickly.


I found this wine to be quite aromatic.

My first impression was a soft caramel aroma with a little bit of spice.  A few more sniffs revealed black cherry and berries.

Overall, I didn’t pick up a strong alcohol aroma even though this wine’s alcohol content is reasonably significant.

337 wine alcohol content 14.5% by volume per the bottle.


337’s flavor is very “Bordeaux like” in terms of the balance of flavor versus dryness from the tannins.

I would describe it as soft and subtle in flavor with some spicy juice of blackberry.

Mouthfeel and Tannins

The wine had a cotton like mouthfeel with supple but full mouthcoating tannins.


337’s finish is long and carried moreso by the tannins then the flavors.

As the finish diminishes, the tannins linger on the sides of the tongue.

Overall Opinion

I enjoyed this wine quite a bit.  I felt like I was getting back to a traditional French Cabernet Sauvignon.

It is a bit dry, so those who don’t like dry wines might find this to be a bit overwhelming.

I found that letting this wine breathe opened up the flavors somewhat.

337 wine price $11.99.

Suggested Food Pairing

The wine’s tasting notes suggested that 337 would best be paired with herb roasted pork loin.

While I did not have this wine with food, I would expect that the flavors would come through more as a result of the tannins being muted by the food.

Given this wine’s reasonable price and classic 337 vine stock origins, I think this wine is a great choice as a either a sipper or complement to the above mentioned dish.


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