Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

This Paso Robles Edna Valley Cabernet from San Luis Obispo County was, in one word, FABULOUS.

Very rarely does the actual taste compare to the claims on the back of the bottle, but this time the Edna Valley description was spot on.  “Blackberry pie with chocolate and coffee overtones”.  “Finish round with a hint of spicy oak”.  I especially noticed the coffee overtones.  Less so the hint of spicy oak.

According to the winemaker, they enhanced their wine making practices during the past decade, “fusing advanced technology with gentle handling, to craft wines of the highest quality.”

Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon alcohol content 13.9% by volume.

Note:  For an updated review see Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Revisited.

Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon Review

To start, the aroma was rich and it sailed noticeably through the air upon pouring.  (no this isn’t a coffee review)

The flavor matched the nose, rich and deep.

The finish was round as the back of the bottle suggested, but I would also add that it was smooth like satin.

This Edna Valley wine had no bitterness and was great right out of the bottle.  No need to decant.  Great on it’s own.  I bet it would be great with lamb.

I discovered this wine at a local small town package store that does Friday evening wine tastings, trying to catch the commuters as they come home from work.  My first taste was actually several weeks earlier in a small plastic cup!

From my standpoint, Edna Valley Cabernet is a great wine.  Highly recommend!  Buy this very reasonably priced wine by the case before everyone finds out about it.

Edna Valley Cabernet Sauvignon price about $13.99.

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