Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon Review

Lindemans Cabernet SauvignonLindemans Cabernet Sauvignon Bin 45 comes from South Eastern Australia.

I tasted the 2015 vintage of this wine.

It was aged in American and French oak and grapes were harvested from February to April 2015.

It was bottled in June of 2015 and the winemaker recommends drinking this wine “young and fresh” with “braised beef cheeks, mash, broccolini and with red wine au jus.”

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Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon Bin 45 Review

From the bottle:

Loved by wine drinkers around the world, Lindemans has a record of consistent quality achieved by blending the best parcels of fruit from each vintage.

Sample received for review purposes.


In the glass, Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon is dark cherry in color and a reasonable amount of light shines through.

It’s definitely not a dark Cabernet.

It’s very leggy, with most legs falling slowly down the sides of the glass.


The aroma is fairly powerful.  After pouring, I noticed it from a good foot or so away from the glass.

I would describe the aroma as a black cherry candy cane.  Or at least, how that might smell.

Up close you get more cherry and a good sting of alcohol in the nose.  A fresh swirl of the wine in the glass seemed to release more “sting.”

Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon alcohol content 13.5% by volume per the bottle.


I found the flavor to be a bit washed out.

There were probably some berries in there, but unfortunately there was also a bitterness that seemed to dominate the wine’s flavor.

A fresh pour helped a bit, with the berry flavor coming through more strongly.

Mouthfeel & Tannins

The wine starts with a juicy mouthfeel but transitions to a more wool-like feel fairly quickly.

Tannins are very evident and I found them to settle behind my lower lip.

The fresh pour brought slightly more balanced tannins.


The wine finishes long with a continuing bitterness and an aftertaste that was difficult to describe.  I didn’t like it.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I can’t say I enjoyed this wine.

I asked a couple people (who’s palates I trust) to try a fresh bottle I went out and bought.  Their comments were not all that favorable either.

Oh well…  I can’t love them all!

Lindemans Cabernet Sauvignon price $5.99.

Anyone else tried this…  What did you think of this wine?  Please comment below.


  1. Thank you for the review Jon!
    When i bought this wine, I had very high expectations… I knew that some of their white wines are pretty good. Unfortunately i didn’t quite like the taste of this wine. It almosted tasted like there was something wrong with it. It had a very harsh and bitter taste to it. The second and third glass tasted a little bit better. Would not reccomend this wine again.

    1. You’re most certainly welcome, Senna!

      That harsh and bitter taste you’re referring to is probably related to this wine’s tannins and finish.

      When I tasted this wine (2 different bottles), I didn’t enjoy those aspects of the wine at all.

      Cheers to your next wine being better!

    2. At this price this wine is excellent to try, All of Lindemann red wine is worth the time and money to explore.

  2. Vintage:2016
    Nose:cherry, raisin, leather, green wood.
    Somewhat viscous and bitter, though a swirl or two helps open the fruit flavors to match the alcohol. The flavor of what I would assume is the oak comes across tasting more like the cork it is sealed with.

    Overall, if you finish the first glass, the second is a little more enjoyable. But I won’t be buying this wine again anytime soon.

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