Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc Review

Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc from California was shared by myself and a couple of friends.

According to the bottle we were to be prepared for “pear, melon and spice.” To our surprise, Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc gave us a completely different, though very positive, experience.

Per the winemaker, “Intense primary aromas of lemongrass mingle with the subtle scent of lime blossoms and hints of sage and spice. Mouthfilling flavors of crisp yellow peach are couched in a very smooth, rounded texture. Thanks to the small Sauvignon Blanc yields of 2008, flavors are concentrated and the wine is already very expressive in its youth.”

They also stated that “while 2008 was a challenging vintage for many California wineries, conditions for the most part were good in Napa Valley.  The frost that plagued other areas in spring wasn’t too much of a problem, especially for older, well established vineyards.  After two consecutive years of dry winters, the Sauvignon Blanc vines set smaller crops than usual and yields were down significantly.”

Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc alcohol content 13.9% by volume.

The varietal composition of Robert Mondavi Fume Blancis 92% Sauvignon Blanc and 8% Semillon, from Napa Valley.

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Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc Tasting

Our first taster, let’s call him Big Al, did notice a spicy aroma and a taste that started spicy but noticed other subtleties as well. To him, the wine finished woody with hints of vanilla on the side of the tongue. He also picked flavors of orange citrus.

Our second taster, let’s call her Miss Jan, thought Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc had a citrus aroma and felt this wine was dry however very likeable.

Last but not least, yours truly, also picked up the citrus aroma. I felt the wine was very light, a little fruity and also very likeable.

So, no pear or melon, but definitely a great wine. A superb warm weather delight. We all loved it. Recommend!

Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc price about $22.99.


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