Waxed Bat Wine Review

The Waxed Bat wine is a blend from Argentina.  The blend is 41% Cabernet Sauvignon, 32% Shiraz and 27% Malbec.

For this review, I tasted the 2013 vintage.

Rodolfo Sadler is the winemaker for Waxed Bat wine and he goes by the name Opi.

According to Opi, and from the bottle, his family has been in the wine business for quite some time.  He tells the tale of exploring his grandfather’s cellar and seeing bottles with wax tops along with sleeping bats!  Hence the name, The Waxed Bat.

Alcohol content of Waxed Bat wine is 14.5% by volume, according to the bottle.

The wine is produced and bottled in Mendoza by Andean Vineyards.

Waxed Bat Wine Video Review

Waxed Bat Wine Tasting

Waxed Bat WineThis wine is deep and rich in color.  Primarily deep garnet in appearance.  It’s very leggy and definitely coats the glass when swirled.

Aroma of the Waxed Bat wine is deep and noticeable from afar.  I noted earth and dark black cherry.  Given the deep and dark aroma, I was expecting the flavor to also be deep and dark.

However, it wasn’t!  It was actually quite bright with flavors of cherry and blackberry.

The Waxed Bat is a dry wine, even though it’s a blend.  You can sense that there’s multiple varietals, but I think the Cabernet is what comes through the most.  At least that’s what I suspect is providing the majority of the dryness.

The tannins are very present and very round.  I noticed them all over my tongue and this contributed to a cottony mouthfeel for this wine.

Finish of this wine is two pronged.  There’s an initial finish that is directly tied to the general flavor of the wine.  That finish is short.

However, there’s also a second longer finish that lasts quite long and delivers the tannins’ impact.

Overall, I really enjoyed this wine.  What I liked about it especially, was the wine’s complexity in the finish.  It provided a multi-layered experience that I happen to enjoy.

Also, I liked that I was thrown a curve ball by the Waxed Bat’s aroma versus the flavor.

Waxed Bat price ranges about $14.00 to $20.00.


  1. This one that we really enjoy, as you mentioned it is bright and fruity with a very long finish. Ours were purchased via the Wall Street Journal Wine club.

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