Tom Gore Chardonnay

Tom Gore ChardonnayTom Gore Chardonnay comes from Geyserville, California, USA.

This wine review is part of a series of reviews of done from Tom Gore Vineyards.

The first was Tom Gore Field Blend.

The second was Tom Gore Cabernet Sauvignon.

And, I’ve also reviewed Tom Gore Sauvignon Blanc.

For more info, check out the Tom Gore Vineyards website.

Tom Gore Chardonnay Review

For this review I tasted the 2014 vintage of this wine with the help of a friend.

From the tasting notes:

Fermentation:  60% barrel, 40% stainless steel.

The wine is a blend of 98% Chardonnay and 2% Sauvignon Blanc.

Our Chardonnay has intense aromas of ripe apple and pear, complimented by notes of brown spice and toasted oak.  The wine has ripe fruit flavors with a smooth, creamy texture and long, full finish.

Sample received for review purposes.


Tom Gore Chardonnay is brassy in color and perhaps richer in appearance then some other Chardonnays out there.

The wine’s legs were slow to form and slow to fall, similar to the Tom Gore Field Blend.


When I first opened this wine, I noted a sweet aroma pop from the bottle, similar to over ripe apple.

After the wine is poured the full aroma takes a little while to develop.  It’s more noticeable when you let the wine sit in the glass for a bit.

My friend and I both agreed the aroma was dominated by notes of vanilla.  We also noted a hint of citrus and agreed the wine’s aroma was really enjoyable!

We didn’t notice much alcohol at all.

Tom Gore Chardonnay alcohol content 13.5% by volume per the bottle.


We found the wine to be light in flavor on the onset.  However, after a little time the taste begins to develop on your palate.

We had a hard time categorizing the flavor, but settled on unripened pear on the entry and citrus on the back end.

Overall, the taste provided an interesting level of complexity in the two different flavors and how long they took to develop.

So, let this wine breathe a little as you’re tasting it.


The wine’s finish is definitely long and full as the tasting notes suggested.

It’s carried by the flavors and to a lesser extent by just a bit of muted bitterness.

Overall Opinion

Overall we both really enjoyed this Chardonnay.  For me it was the elegant flavors and enjoyable aroma.

For my friend it was the way the flavors evolved from flavor entry through to the finish.

Very enjoyable!

Tom Gore Chardonnay price $12.99.

Suggested Food Pairing

For this wine, keep your food pairing light as to not overwhelm the flavors.

Let’s go with what Tom Gore recommends, Baked Salmon with Fennel Yogurt Sauce.

Sounds delicious to me!

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