Trapiche Malbec Wine Review

Trapiche Malbec is a red wine from Argentina.  In this review we’ll cover this wine’s price, alcohol content, taste, aroma and more.

Argentina is well known for producing Malbec.  It’s their primary varietal and some say it’s far more delicious then Malbec from Bordeaux.

Which is ironic, because Malbec is native to Bordeaux.

If you would like to compare a couple other Malbecs to this one, check out my reviews of Alamos Malbec and Vina San Esteban Malbec.  Both of these are also from Argentina.

The winemaker for Trapiche Malbec is Sergio Eduardo Casé.

Trapiche Malbec Tasting

Trapiche MalbecFor this review, I tasted the Trapiche Malbec: Vineyards 2013.

In the glass, this wine is deep ruby in color.  It’s a dark wine and you really can’t see much when looking through this wine.

It’s a very leggy wine.  I observed many legs falling at different speeds in the glass.

After pouring this wine I noticed the aroma was very prevalent and noticeable.  While sitting a good four feet from this wine I could still notice it.

Up a little closer, the aroma was complex and just a bit tart on the nose.  I also noticed some subtle oak and a bit of spice.  The aroma was very enjoyable and there was little evidence of the alcohol in the wine.

Trapiche Malbec alcohol content 13.5% per the bottle.

The wine’s taste had a twist!  I wasn’t expecting the tartness of the aroma to carry through to the flavor, but it did.  Which surprised me since this is a dark red wine.

The tartness was subtle.  Not “Granny Smith tart” but just enough citrus in the flavor to be noticed.

In addition to that flavor was a more expected flavor of red fruits.  Though, they were more bright than dark.

The wine’s tannins were well structured and balanced.  I noticed them mostly on the tongue.  They weren’t overly grippy.

Finish of Trapiche Malbec was medium and not carried by the tannins.  More so by the flavor itself.

Overall I found this to be an enjoyable Malbec.  What I especially liked was its complexity and the surprise twist of a citrus flavor in a bolder red wine. 

However, if you tend to like a deep bold red wine, this may not be the right wine for you.

Trapiche recommends pairing this wine with grilled meat, pasta and semi-hard cheeses.  I would agree.  The slight tartness in the flavor would probably cut through and compliment those foods well.

Trapiche Malbec price $7.99.

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